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Natural Stone Collection


Are you looking for a way to give your home the warm and personalised look?

If that’s the option our natural stone tiles collection is perfect for you. Would you like to carry the natural look and theme in your home? What better way than using natural stone in your bathroom area. The fact that it is a natural material helps to create a connection between your home and the outside world.

Natural stone can allow you to create a uniquely tailored look into its natural beauty, and this in turn creates a bathroom which is totally unique. It also has a practical value as a natural stones are sound proof and give your interiors natural warmth. Due to its structure it keeps the heat. From floor to wall tiles you will discover the benefits of bringing mothernature into your home and bathroom.
Natural Stone is resistant to wear and stains and comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

You can pick from a variety of natural stone that can be used in your bathroom or kitchen:
- Antique stone tiles has been carefully chosen from different locales all over the world. Coming in a large variety of colours and textures, these natural stones are ideal for use as floor coverings and create a distinguished classical look that complements every environment.

- Jerusalem stone is a solid durable marble used for interior wall and floor tiling. The tiles come from hard limestone and dolomite strata with colours ranging from white to cream. Jerusalem stone is very desirable and regarded as one of the classic natural stones.

- Mosaic natural stone floor and wall tiles are individually chosen and handmade by expert craftsman. Mosaics are more than just decoration they can be used to create feature walls as beautiful as art itself. Our mosaics are available in many different sizes and formats and are produced from the finest marble's, travertine's and limestone's.

- Travertine tiles comes from a sedimentary rock formed from geothermal springs producing precipitation of carbonate minerals that once dried form the hardened material we know today. One of the most popular natural stones available, travertine comes in many sizes and formats, in colours ranging from grey to red.

- Limestone tiles - limestone is a soft sedimentary stone and is a result of millions of years of ancient shells and bones from sea creatures settling on the ocean floor. It is a very practical and durable stone that can be easily maintained, making it very popular. Limestone's colour can vary from white or cream to tones of grey's and blue's.

- Slate is formed from very fine grained shale and clay deposits which settle in to layers under extreme temperature and pressure creating the distinctive characteristics of slate, this is known as its natural cleft. Due to its hard wearing surface, slate is particularly suitable for high traffic areas.

- Marble tiles owns a distinctive crystalline structure which allows it to be polished to a high gloss creating the distinguished classical look that complements every environment; from beautiful bathrooms to elegant entrance lobbies, marble is used the world over. Coming in a vast array of colours, with good strength it is ideal for use as a floor or wall covering.

- Tumbled. Natural tumbled stone tiles give an antique feel and add warmth to your home. We have a huge selection of beautiful aged bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, wall and floor tiles all with an antique tumbled finish which create a feeling of elegance and character to your finished room.

- Basalt is a very strong lava stone with high density and strength. It is generally, black to grey, and sometimes sage green. Basalts have strong resistance to wear and are widely used for areas of high traffic. The natural characteristics of basalt can be used to create a wonderful tiled area in your home.